Why Tunisia ?

Tunisia is a land of different experiences. With its buzzing capital Tunis, you can enjoy both a historical immersion at the hills of Carthage or appreciate a good talk with its startups in one of its 3 business bays. And if you are an avid artist you may get inspired at the village of Sidi Bou Said with its wonderful view on the Mediterranean sea that inspired its iconic white and blue colors.

And that’s just the capital, if you venture further south you’ll have to decide either to enjoy the beach at one of its coastal cities such as Mehdia, Sousse, Or Hammamet. You may also opt-out for a journey in its desert, where the old Berber villages are still carved within the rocks.


  • Business Opportunities
  • Cultural Evasion
  • Historical Immersion
  • Crystal Clear Beaches
  • Five Stars Hotels & Spa
  • Busy & International Nightlife

Tunisia has a bucketful of surprising tourist attractions and things to do for those that venture off the sandy shores. This is North Africa wrapped up into one bite-sized package. There are alleyways of pastel-washed houses and crowded souk streets to explore in the cities; ancient ruins to discover out in the countryside; and the vast desert expanse of the Sahara to the south with its sweeping dunes, craggy mountains, and hidden, palm-tree-filled oases. Tunisia was Rome’s breadbasket, and the cultural riches the Romans left behind are more than enough reason to visit. But the history of the Arab Empires has also bestowed the country with some of the region’s most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture.

When you’ve craned your neck at Kairouan’s minarets and played gladiator at El Djem, it’s time to head into the Sahara to sample the raw, empty beauty of the desert. The sun-soaked beaches of the Mediterranean coastline, fringed by palms and lapped by gentle waves, will still be waiting for you when you get back.


Hammamet is one of the primary touristic destinations in Tunisia, known for its crystal clear beaches and festive spirit. Located in the south-eastern section of what is known as the “Cap Bon”, it is part of the Nabeul Governorate and it is a 1-hour drive far away from the capital Tunis.

The town of Hammamet is split into two regions the north and the south both equally charming.

Hammamet North

  •   The Medina Of Hammamet: A wonderful architectural mix between the ancient walls and the Mediterranean village vibes, a walk in the souk will leave you inspired. You may purchase locally produced souvenirs and keepsakes as the region are known for its craftsmen and their mastery of pottery.
  • The Kasbah, also known as the old Fort: Standing unchanged for years, it offers the best view of the beach and its white domes. If you venture within the walls you will find hidden, the old museum of Hammamet that relates the town history from its ancient crafts to its traditional clothing with their famous silver threading.
  • Pupput: This old roman settlement is now a tourist site that tells the story of the roman slavery trade and documents their old ways of life. From lavish baths and mosaic-filled halls to roman tombs and houses. The site is open to visiting and guided tours in several languages can be granted.
  • Citrus Golf: For those who are big fans of golfing, you have to visit this beautiful gold course by the beach.
hammamet north

Hammamet South

Hammamet SOUTH

Famously known for its touristic bay called Yasmine Hammamet, It is the best place to mix business and leisure. With its long list of hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and its marina, this place will charm your heart.

The Medina: A twin medina has been built at the heart of Yasmine Hammamet to match with its north sister. It holds within it a themed park, an old souk, coffee shops, and a square for entertainment and shows. If you are lucky during your walk within the medina you might discover one of three secret art galleries where local artists showcase their work.

The Marina: It is one of the largest ports in Tunisia and surely it is one of the most beautiful too. It is lined up with restaurants and bars for those who want to enjoy an afternoon apero or even fine dine with a view. Several fun activities are offered at the marina, like a water escapade on a pirate boat or the rental of yachts to discover beautiful water creaks along the coast.

Nightlife: Yasmine Hammamet has some of the busiest streets at night as it is home to some of the most famous nightclubs in Tunisia that host international artist events and can be toured on foot. It also has very animated squares and the walk by the beach can take you from one event to the other.